Interdisciplinary Freedom

USC’s forward-thinking approach to education positions its graduates for success. By offering a wide range of interdisciplinary programs, students train themselves with the necessary skill sets needed in today’s complex and ever-changing world. In this progressive landscape, USC encourages students to think outside traditional boundaries by blending multiple disciplines into a highly individualized and comprehensive learning curriculum.

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Are you ready to make your college experience truly extraordinary? At USC, we believe in empowering students to create their own path, and that includes crafting unique major/minor combinations that reflect your individual interests and aspirations.

USC honors students who combine majors and/or minors from widely separate fields. Think: art history and biology; finance and public policy; journalism and computer science. You envision it, and we make it happen.

An intellectual space where students and top faculty have conversations about the interconnectedness of multiple fields of learning.

For Trojans seeking the benefits of a “small liberal arts college,” TO challenges students to read — and challenge — the greatest philosophers, writers, scientists and artists, making connections with today’s social and political challenges.